Rhonda Robbins

Rhonda Robbins, Speaker, Teacher, Success Strategies Coach

Rhonda Robbins, Speaker, Teacher, Success Strategies Coach

Rhonda Robbins dedicates her life to “living powerfully with limitless choices.” She provides training, coaching and consulting to individuals and businesses, helping them achieve success.  She has touched the lives of many through her workshops, classes, books and writings.

Robbins, a certified life coach, NLP Practitioner and Personality Trainer, is a dynamic speaker and teacher delivering workshops and classes with energy and passion.  She inspires and exhorts her listeners to realize their highest potential, intention and possibility.  You will be captured by her keen perceptions and candid transformational speaking style. As a speaker, trainer and coach she is committed to enthusiastic, high-level contribution to others and the world.   Her commitment is always to leave you with more than you had before the interaction with her or her work.

A prolific writer and poet, Robbins’ creative output spans over twenty-five years and reflects her direct experience of the joys, tribulations and heartaches we each experience in this journey known as “being human.”  Look for her two new books also to be released in 2015:   Defining Moments: Poetic Renderings and Rambles, and 101 Things I Know for Sure.  

Robbins’ credentials include Certified Life Coach from Southwest Institute of the Healing in Phoenix, Arizona in 2011, Certified NLP Practitioner from The NLP Coaching and Skills Institute in 2011, Generative Hypnosis, at The Up Hypnosis Institute in Tampa, Florida in August 2011, Massage Therapist Master from California Healing Arts College, West Los Angeles, California in 2005, Spinal Awareness: An Integrated Feldenkrist/Martial Arts type approach to healing and therapy from Esalen Institute, Big Sur, California in 2005, Neuro-Muscular Resonance Workshop from Shiatsu Massage School of California, Santa Monica, California in 2005, Member of Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals (ABMP) in 2005/2006.

To engage Robbins as a speaker please visit  www.rhondarobbinsbusinessconsulting.com or email rhonda@rhondarobbins.com.