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Quick, easy read! Gain greater self-awareness and empowerment in 15 minutes or less. Read thought provoking concepts with life-shifting potential. Each topic is followed by a coaching moment which is either a series of provocative questions to prompt self-inquiry or a self-coaching exercise. Topics average between 3 to 10 pages so there’s no heavy lifting required in order to get something meaningful and transformational out of this powerfully, written life-changing book. Empowerment Principles A to Z is the book about self-awareness, self-examination, and finally about self-empowerment. Written by two certified transformational life coaches who have successfully assisted clients to shift, change and achieve results for more than two decades, this simply written book can also help you to transform your life.

Empowerment Principles A to Z bridges an important gap between the clinically written self-help guide books that are difficult to understand and the overly simplistic “feel good” books. Empowerment Principles is filled with exercises and coaching moments with real-life application. This book is perfect for a single individual or can be successfully used for group coaching exercises.