The following people have previewed the book and have provided the following praise and endorsements for Empowerment Principles A-Z.

Mack Newton, 8th Degree Black Belt, Master Instructor and former Conditioning Coach for Oakland A’s and Dallas Cowboys.

“My favorite moment in life or in any sporting event is when the momentum shifts and when a person or a team that seems on a path to losing, reverses the trend and comes back to win.  This book can be a ‘game changer’ for you. Rhonda Robbins and Andrea Zavislak bring proven success principles to life in a unique way that will inspire and empower you to confront your life challenges so that you can take the step to the next level.  No holds barred…straight to the point.”  http://www.macknewton.com/

~ Mack Newton, Author of “A Path to Power”



kc miller small
KC. Miller, Founder and Director of Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. SWIHA was awarded Best School of the Year by the Arizona Private School Association for innovative and outstanding practices.

“Having witnessed hundreds of Life Coaches graduate from Southwest Institute of Healing Arts over the last ten years, it is with the pride of a parent that I offer my blessings to two very committed and empowered women, Rhonda Robbins and Andrea Zavislak. They are the true embodiment of a Life Coach, and are gracious enough to share their experience and gifts with the world through this powerful book. Empowerment Principles A-Z fully embraces the skills needed of a Life Coach, in a succinct and compelling way. Life Coaching teaches us that people have all their answers inside; while this is very true, this book is an extraordinary resource for those who need a little extra encouragement, inspiration and motivation, distilling the information in a beautiful and practical way. I am humbled to have the opportunity to recommend this forward-focused, action-oriented book to past graduates as well as incoming students.”  https://swiha.edu/

~ Blessings ~ KC Miller, Founder of Southwest Institute of Healing Art



marie sullivan
Marie Sullivan, President & CEO, Arizona Women’s Education & Employment

“Rhonda Robbins and Andrea Zavislak present in a clear and concise voice empowerment concepts in bite-size pieces. This simple approach is a delightful read. Being inspired to change your life helps change the world.”

~ Marie Sullivan, President & CEO, Arizona Women’s Education & Employment




Mark Wilson with son Hayden
Mark Wilson with son Hayden

Mark Sean Wilson has been Illustrating since the tiny age of 4, He’s played with different styles of art depending on the story at hand. In this particular book, He formulates a rough, sketchy, almost unfinished look to maintain the idea of a personal journal.  Mark has won awards for his Illustrative works by “Readers Favorite. He was quoted to say, “I was instantly drawn to “Rhonda and Andrea’s book of Empowerment Principles from A to Z” as I have practiced so many of the theories presented in this book. I am a believer of all of us generating positive energies and creating our own successes through them. Peace in body and mind. Mark is a father of 8 year old son Hayden Wilson whom he calls his, “Minnie me.” You can see all of Mark Sean Wilson’s work at www.markerdoodle.com.  (818) 967-7469

~ Mark Sean Wilson, Award Winning Illustrator, Designer, Marketing


This book is easy to break down important, key concepts of empowerment and attaining your full potential in easy to understand, simple, easily-recalled explanation and that can be applied immediately and effectively.  Inspiring!  The book explains clearly the difference between counseling and coaching in simple, clear language.  Coaches focus on forward movement and activity.  The topics of the book that resonated most with me were, Bananas, Responsibility Circle, and Jettison the Negative Language.  The books holds your interest, is easy to ready, and you can read a letter a day and put it into practice immediately. Deeply profound concepts and technical terms are described easily by the title of each topic, which help you recall them later.

~ Jennifer Z., Phoenix, AZ


This is an incredible book about the colors.  I drove three executive women from the real estate title industry to go hiking in Echo Canyon Camelback Mountain this morning.  I read them the section on Gold and they loved it.  I just read some more of the book OMG!  IT’S PRACTICAL, SIMPLE, PROFOUND and ON THE MONEY. I am intrigued by the color-emotion-need dynamic.  The book is succinct, erudite.  A reader can open it to any page and be blown away by its’ perfect prose.  It is like having a discussion about a principle, anticipating skepticism, and then answering it with warm, comforting wisdom.  It is easily organized for anyone to follow.  As a taxi driver now when a see someone wearing specific colors I know how to interact with them.  A woman entered my taxi wearing hot pink so I said, “Wow, you’re pretty.” Because of the color, I sensed she was open and social. Once I commented on her beauty, she visibly relaxed and explained that she was a bartender and two times a year she had a “customer appreciation day,” in which we buys everyone at the bar drinks because it makes her feel good. So the bottom line is that whether people are aware of it or not the colors that they wear or decorate their homes with reflect the attributes they want to be associated with.  Since 90% of communication is non-verbal, it gives a HUGE “home court advantage,” of knowing how to navigate the treacherous waters of social interaction. Yesterday I drove 20 fares and had everyone in my taxi from East Indian engineers to a trailer park couple with their laundry. Understanding the colors enabled me to finesse each conversation with ease. This information from the book is now a standard part of my knowledge “arsenal.”

~ Greg R., Taxi Driver, Taxicab Coach, Phoenix, AZ.


I read the book and it has touched my heart.  The forgiveness chapter was particularly important to me at this time in my life.  I loved the Coaching Moments!

~ Capt. Michael Villegas, U.S. Navy Reserves


The great benefit of this book Empowerment Principles A to Z is it gives an individual from all walks of life the necessary tools to help them become the best version of themselves in a way that is easy to understand, and at your own pace.  One of my favorite topics was Awesome Affirmations. I feel it is very important for me to say positive affirmations to myself every day to shift my thought patterns to unhook limiting beliefs helping to change what I think is impossible and realizing anything is possible.  The book engaged my interest and has resulted in my developing a deeper understanding who I am as a person as a whole. With every topic I learned something new about myself or a skill set that I can use in any situation. The visuals in each chapter helped me to reinforce the subject material. The Elephant in the Living Room has helped me address the stressors in my life and has also allowed me to better manage them to move forward with focus in my life. Written in a way that was easy to understand, it addresses topics in a way that deepens understanding of oneself. The Coaching Moments at the end of every chapter are one of my favorite parts of the book. It was very helpful to self-reflect on areas in which I do well and areas that need improvement. I highly recommend this book to everyone who is seeking personal empowerment and full expression of creativity.  This book should be sold everywhere and in multiple languages.

~ David A., Financial Operations Manager, Phoenix, AZ. 


When I first saw the book on the table where my roommate left it, I leafed through it and later told my roommate this was a brilliantly book.  I was so impressed with the way the book was written, it was a great “mind grabber.” The topic I really found helpful was the Help, Hurt or Harm… when it hurts to help and when it is beneficial.  It is a “keep reading” type of book.

~ Nancy, Phoenix, AZ. 


This book was a very amazing engaging and educational read. I loved it. I believe this book will help readers develop more self-confidence and help them feel good about themselves.  The one topic that left a big impression on me was the La La Cuckoo Crazymaker in my head.  I often suffer from my own La La Cuckoo Crazymaker that makes me keep doubting myself and now I finally know how to get rid of and ignore that annoying voice. I would love to pass on this knowledge to others as I am sure that I am not the only one with a crazymaker in my head. The Coaching Moments were useful and provocative.  I think the best audience for this book would be boys and girls in their late teens and/or men and women in their twenties because those are the times that people make many important decisions for life and need to be self-confident.

~ M. G., Austrailia


I like the invented metaphors in each chapter.  Using words in a new, funny way leaves a good feeling. Dealing with heavy issues with humoristic words like banana, elephant in the room, etc. is relieving. These slogans relax you and help you put self-judgment aside.  I actually felt relieved when reading the book. The noise in my head and chatter was put aside and I was “IN” the book, happily engaged.  As I see it, the purpose of this book is to eat life, to stop making excuses, to overcome personal obstacles and be proactive and uninhibited in the world.  I actually feel every topic of the book that I read offered a new perspective and coaching exercises on how to tackle my own shadows.  The simple idea that one can actually self-coach, like self-hypnosis, is empowering. A book that offers steps, methods where you can do it on your own is pretty amazing. I believe that if people really did these coaching moments, if I did all of them, I would receive answers to many of my own questions.  This book is similar to journaling with proactive intent – if one wants to do a chapter a day, followed by the actual written exercises it would be transformational and eye awakening. I think reading this book with that approach, not an overnight transformation but a real integration is the way to go and how to read it.  I really love the chapter on Disappearing Act as I do that often, and also the topic on Help, Hurt or Harm.  As a mental sprinter I appreciated the short chapters… because it made me feel like I was accomplishing something.  Men and women of all occupations and anyone over 18 should read this book.  I, personally, will be sharing this book with my own clients and other coaches in the field.

~ Ya’el M., Intuitive Life Coach, Half Moon Bay, CA.


The book was very quick and easy to read.  It held my interest and the use of visuals was good, although there could be more of them to enhance the topics. One of the things that left an impression on me was the quote at the beginning of the Affirmation topic by Rhonda Byrne of The Secret. The topics helped me consciously think and behave positively.  The Coaching Moments were great !!  This would be a great book for anyone who wants to manifest their destiny, I am suggesting it to my 22 year old son.

~ Denise M., Paralegal, Phoenix, AZ 


The purpose of the book is to give the necessary tools and directions for empowering the reader to make positive changes in their life according to the needs and desires of the reader. I learned to be constantly, daily doing self-talk that is moving me in the direction I want to go.  In Crazymaker in My Head, the concept of thoughts that come into our mind being either from ourselves or someone else in the past and how to distinguish between them by the pronouns used – “I” or “You” was very powerful to me. I would definitely share this book with men and women over 14 years old.

~ Sharon T., Missouri