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Our Personal Relationship to Money
Determines Our Business Relationship to Money
It is our relationship to money that ultimately determines our success in our business — not our marketing prowess or our expert knowledge of our industry.  Our mindset and orientation toward money  –  either one of  “abundance”  or   “poverty,” ultimately determines our profitability at the end-of-the-day. Are you setting yourself up to “win,” “achieve,” and “have” what you want?  Or, are you quietly, self-sabotaging yourself with an unproductive belief-system and mindset?  Are you outwardly doing all the right things, using correct marketing strategies:  Networking, social media, press releases, advertising, etc.  — but, still end up at the end of the month wondering how to pay your business bills? If you said yes to any these questions, then this is the topic for you!  See the presentation slides as Rhonda Robbins, business owner, prolific writer, speaker, teacher, Certified Life Coach, NLP Practitioner and Personality Trainer as she helps us discover roadblocks to our success. Break your poverty cycle today.  

Overcoming Overwhelm Now
Entrepreneurs who are passionate and committed to building a thriving business often face many challenges.  Chief among them is themselves.  They find themselves getting in the way of their own success and do not know how to stop struggling with feeling overwhelmed and breaking their procrastination cycles. You will learn the four reasons we procrastinate and the five top strategies for overcoming overwhelm, so you feel calm and capable.

La La Cuckoo Crazymaker in My Head
How is the La La Cuckoo Crazy Maker in your head? What subroutines is your subconscious running in your life that you are completely unaware of? What is that crazy voice? Where does it come from? Is that voice right? How do you decide what is right for you?  It’s time to stop the debilitation chatter in your brain so you can attract what you want. It’s time to break-through the self-sabotaging self-talk to realize your dreams. The path to success in life is the distance between your ears.  Controlling your personal La La Cuckoo Crazymaker IS YOUR PATHWAY TO SUCCESS!

Are You Lying to Me?  Eye Movements Tell it All
Have you ever interviewed someone for a job, or as a contractor for professional services and wondered if they were telling you the truth?  Whether you are hiring someone to help you with the accounting or a lawyer to help you with a legal business matter, wouldn’t it be great to be able to detect an untruth that is being told and sold to you?  Business owners, managers, employers, human resources professionals or anyone can use simple eye movement patterns in everyday situations to determine if someone is telling the truth, or to tell if they are constructing a spontaneous lie. Prevent yourself from being a victim of fraud, scams and other deceptions by learning to read a few eye movements.

What’s the Problem with Settling?
We settle in relationships with our families, in dating relationships, with partners, in our jobs — we even settle when it comes to our dreams! Why do we settle? What do we settle about? What is the impact of settling? How do we stop settling and get what we want? Come and discover reasons we settle and how to stop settling and create possibilities to live into.

Beach Balls  & Suppression:  Why It Doesn’t Work
Name one time in your life so far when suppressing your feelings, needs and wants has really served you.  Do you say yes and agree to things you really don’t want to be connected with?  Do you take the “high road” all the time to be the “better person?” Do you think “just forgive and forget?”  Or, how about this one, “It doesn’t really matter,” when it FACT it matters very much.  It is impossible to suppress a beach ball and have it stay under water without being held down with some force. Likewise, it is just as difficult to suppress experiences in your life that have left you hurt, afraid, fearful or disappointed.  So what do you do with them? Come and discover the keys to ending suppression and getting what you want out of life.

Being Acceptable – NOW
We spin everything.  Why are we spinning it against our good?  Can we spin things, events, feelings, situations, and relationships INTO our favor?  Can we accept ourselves now, right here, right now, just exactly how we are?  Can we believe that we are perfect now? Come and discover how to accept yourself now and start creating dreams and possibilities to live into. Self-acceptance is critical to how we position ourselves in life and to “who” we be in life.  Self-acceptance is critical to how we “show up” and how we behave. There are 3 core questions which define our awareness of self.  (1) Who am I? (2) What am I? and (3) Why am I?

Worry &  Fear – Lions, Tigers & Bears
Worry is a sign that you are not able to trust in the process and flow and life.  Fear paralyzes you and causes you to be unable to think clearly.  What, who are the Lions, Tigers and Bears in your life?  Where are they taking power and resourcefulness from you? How do we face the things we fear? How do we stop the nagging worry? Come and discover ways to unlock your full potential to live fearlessly.

Processes and Cycles  –  Rote or Growth?
The questions we find ourselves asking as we go through life are: Am I in Processes or Cycles? Rote or Growth? Am I ready to start the journey of growth in which I apply understanding and truth to transform the cycles and processes into possibilities for growth, healing, forgiveness, restitution, love, community and dreams.  As always, the choice to change is yours?  You are in your own driver’s seat.

Understanding the Interviewer
Stop crossing your fingers and hoping that the interview will go well and you will be fabulous. Instead learn how to identify “who” is interviewing you and how to gain instant rapport with that person. Knowing “who” is interviewing you makes all the difference in the world. And, I do not mean know if it is a panel, or the HR recruiter, or the department head. I mean learn to easily recognize that individual’s personality type so that you can be effective in developing instant rapport and “nail” the interview. Who “you” are is who shows up at the interview and likewise “who” the interviewer is in their life is “who” shows up to interview you. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to look at the way the person dresses, how their office is arranged, how they walk and talk, what types of gestures they make to know what their personality is enabling you to immediately relate to them in such a way that you acquire instant favor? Finding our your personality type and the type of others around you will change not only the way in which you present and interview, but can also transform your life. Discover how to “sail” through the next interview and “nail” that position.

Developing Instant Rapport with Your Interviewer
People hire people they like. Yes, your skills and experience are important elements when you are attempting to be hired for a position but also remember that your ability to build rapport in an interview is equally important. The rapport you establish during an interview can greatly impact the impression you leave behind and often is a deciding factor in the hiring decision. Everything from your handshake to eye contact, how you stand and sit, facial expressions, what you do with your arms, hands, legs and feet is all part of non-verbal communication language that either helps establish positive rapport or send signals that make the interview uncomfortable. Instead of causing the interviewer to feel uncomfortable or disconnected from you, learn how you can use your gestures, body language and verbal skills to connect with the interviewer in a powerful way leaving him or her feeling that you are a strong candidate.

We Are Different:  Personality Theory
Have you ever wondered why people do and say the things they do? Ever wonder why people do and say the things they do? Ever wondered why you’re always so optimistic and your partner so pessimistic? Ever wondered why you react the way you do or how children can be reared by the same parents in the same environment and yet be so completely opposite? Have your weaknesses haunted or discouraged you? Want to transform your weaknesses into strengths? Want to transform your relationships? Personality theory is based on the observations of Hippocrates 400 B.C. There are at least 32 other personality profile systems around today … yet the four basic temperaments are the same as those identified by Hippocrates just labeled differently.Benefits from understanding personality theory by learning to accept yourself and others, improved communication and relationship with others, restore harmony, acceptance and love to relationships. You will learn how to eliminate conflict and strife in your life while capitalizing on your strengths. In the workplace, you will learn to understand your boss, coworkers. If you are in management you can use personality theory as a screening tool to help you assemble, motivate and maintain a group of dynamic, productive people to create the synergy that ensures business success.

Six Levels of Awareness and Being (Dilts Logical Levels)
Are you ready to “kick” your life up a notch and be who you want to be, have what you want to have and generally live a powerful life with limitless choice both personally and professionally? If so, this video is for you.  Rhonda Robbins, Business and Success Strategies coach explains Dilts Logical Levels of awareness and being to you with a twist that could change your life forever!  People think on various levels. There is a hierarchy of thought, with the surface behaviors being on the lower levels of thought and spirit and mission on the highest levels.  It stands to reason that when we are able to effect change on higher levels, these transformative changes ripple through from the top level down through the levels, eventually reaching the lower levels.  When you are able to understand the relationship between the environment, behavior, capability or competence, beliefs and values, identity and spirituality you can change who you BE and who you want to BE.


What if You were Limitless?
Did you realize that you only consciously operate at 10% of the time?  That’s like owning a convenience store, lighting up only 10% of it, roping off the rest, limiting customer access, and wondering why you are not making financial breakthroughs and huge profits.  What could you do if you were limitless, if you could have anything you wanted, go anywhere you wanted.  What would you do to be able to rid yourself of those limiting thoughts and restrictive patterns? Learn how to eliminate the negative blocks that are stopping you from having what you want in your life.


10 Tips to Creating the Business of Your Dreams
How you show up in business, yours or someone else’s business, is who you are as a person. Whatever your personal relationship to time is, that is what your business relationship to time is going to be. Whatever your personal relationship to obstacles or conflict is, that is what your business relationship to obstacles and conflict is going to be. Whatever your personal relationship to success and money is, that is what your business relationship to success and money is going to be. Business is alive … your business is a breathing, living entity…it is an expression of YOU! This workshop will allow you to take a personal inventory of your strengths and weaknesses, examine what’s working and what is not and suggest assistance and resources. This workshop will encourage that you always operate in a transparent, authentic way that demonstrates honesty and integrity and give you tips on how to accomplish that.

Mobilizing Your Website for Profit$
Web search is increasingly being performed on smart cell phones. There are 5.9 billion mobile subscribers (that’s 87 percent of the world population), of that figure there are 1.2 billion mobile Web 3G users worldwide. Mobile is global. Mobile is anywhere, any time. Mobile is always on. 87% of smartphone users access the internet on their mobile devices and there are more than 100 million internet capable mobile devices in America right now. Soon there will be more mobile users than desktop users. 70 million Americans browse websites from their phone every month and 70% of smart phone owners actually use their phones while shopping in the store. How many customers are you missing because your website is not mobile ready? How much revenue are you losing because your website is not mobile ready? Can you afford to wait to “mobilize your site?”

IQ for QR?  Smarten Up Your Business, Attract New Lead, Clients and Customers Maximizing Quick Response Technology
Have you wondered what those blobby, black square codes are with rectangles at the corners?  They are called QR Codes.  QR codes are two-dimensional bar codes that are made with pixels in different configuration that help to track and identify objects, places, phone numbers, take you to URLs.  QR codes can be used for a variety of activities – everything from tracking inventory and parts to designing private party invitations, setting up a link to a YouTube video, etc.  Quick Response codes were originally developed at the Toyota manufacturing facility to track inventory. QR code usage has catapulted thanks to smart phones. Use QR codes for anything you want to track or stick a QR code on.  A resource can be anything from an asset to a device to people to an animal.  People can be confused, thinking that QR codes and bar codes are the same.  They are not.  Although QR codes and Bar Codes work on the same principle, bar code applications are expensive on-premise applications whereas QR codes can be generated from anywhere and have capabilities that go far beyond traditional inventory tracking.


The Connection Between Memory and Imagination

Philosophy of Struggle vs. Belief in Abundance

Lessons from Xena, Warrior Princess

Lessons from Dr. Who, Time and Space

Elephant in the Livingroom:  What Are You in Denial About?

Vision Board:  Get a Vision for Your Future



rhonda-robbinsRhonda Robbins has worked in the west coast business and marketing industry for over 15 years.  Her multifaceted, results-oriented experience in web, graphics, corporate business and marketing translates to business success.  In addition to her expertise in website and internet marketing strategies, Rhonda has over 15 years progressive Fortune 500 experience in marketing, public relations, operations and creative arts in a wide variety industries and with businesses of all sizes.

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